Chad and Virgil are a married action movie star and (nude) photographic modol respectively. They deal with paparazzi and the busy and invasive lives of celebrities while raising their adoptive daughter, Violet.


Chad, Virgil, Violet


This rp is one of our oldest to date that we still occasionally play, beginning five to six years ago when Virgil and Chad were still highschool sweethearts.

Chad was shy about his race, until he met the outgoing Virgil who helped him come out of his shell, and after numeous flirtation attempts, accept his homosexuality. It was later revealed that the relationship also helped to keep Virgil from slipping into his pre-rp delinquint behavior. During their run in highschool, Chad was a cheerleader, and Virgil Ran track and field.

Chad's parents were originally strongly homophobic due to a dark event in Chad's father's past. This caused a period where Chad lived with Virgil and his more welcoming family. It was during this time Chad suffered a near-fatal motorcycle accident and entered a coma. Not long after, his parents came to accept the relationship and welcome Chad and Virgil back into their home. One of the last things to happen before hiatus, was Chad's and Virgil's inclusion in a zombie flick being filmed in the school This was Chad's start in acting.

After a hiatus, the rp began again, this time, the couple began mairrage preparations. They soon moved to a new, bigger home and Chad began leaving for longer periods for is acting. Feeling lonely and left-out by the public eye, Virgil began posing for artistic nudes and "soft porn" under a fake name. Chad was at first outraged that Virgil would do this without discussion, but later came forgive him and begrudgingly accepts the work. Just before the adoption of Violet, Virgil recieved experimental cosmetic surgery to enlarge his ears and sligtly slim his body and soften his fur. He did this to appear more appealing to Chad (especially while drunk). Though he is now more physically appealing to Chad, it's clear that Chad is bothered on many levels by the decision. Currently, the family is living in a new, more private home with Chad doing fewer movies, thus being away less often.

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