A sick/wounded dog follows a person home, or a healthy one is perchased from a shady dealer. There is a short period in which they bond. The person discovers the dog in a humanoid form. This leads to fantasy/ adventure, pollitical, and/or possibly pet/master rp.

Settings and variationsEdit

  • Historical: The person is a magical or non-magical inhabitant of a world like middle-modern age europe. People look towards magic with shame and fear, but as many people use those who practice it (in secret) they are usually tollerated in at least the vacinity of town. However, they often draw unjust blaim in the event of disaster or tragedy.
    • "Witch": the person lives in the woods, making potions, medicines, poisons, spells, etc. The dog is helpfull to him, as it can help defend him from his shady patrons and gather materials.
    • Traveler: It's the person's job to travel and/or explore. A merchant/mapmaker, etc. This can be combined with above. People are not always welcoming, especialy if they discover the dog's true nature.
    • Nobleman: Person owns a company, or resource, and thus is a highly respected member of society. Dog is seen as an exotic pet, if presented the right way. If not, it is a shamefull link to the seedy magic world.

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